Is Coco Bay for me?

If you like loud discos, gambling, we're sorry, but NO.

We do have more stars than you are ever likely to see though! You'll find live coral reefs that lie right at your front door and are easy to swim to. They will thrill you with brightly colored fish and fantastic coral formations. If you want to explore nearby uninhabited islands or make visits to the settlement of New Plymouth, boat rentals and golf carts are available on a weekly or daily basis. Take a long walk on a secluded beach to collect shells and sea glass.

What do I pack?

Most people pack too much, Green Turtle Cay is very informal (restaurants do request shirts for dinner). Besides your bathing suit, you'll only need shorts, t-shirts, one pair of cotton long pants, a windbreaker for boating or our occasional shower, a light sweater in the cooler months, beach shoes, and a hat and cover-up for the sun. Do bring books if you're behind on your reading, but we also have a great library at your disposal.

What do I do about Food and Supplies?

Three well stocked stores can be found in New Plymouth, the settlement on Green Turtle Cay. Local cuisine can be sampled at several native restaurants in town and, for the gourmet, appetites for more elaborate foods can be satisfied at two nearby clubs. New Plymouth is located on the southern tip of the island approximately 3 1/2 miles from Cocobay Cottages.

What is the Snorkeling, Fishing and Kite Surfing like?

Discover the riches of the coral reef, both culinary and visionary, at your doorstep. Fishing, diving* and picnic trips with guides can be arranged daily. Bonefishing is great right in Cocobay and throughout the Abacos. You can do Kite surfing right in front of our cottages! Choose either the Oceanside or the bayside. It all depends on where the wind will take you that day ...with two beaches to choose from ...BRING YOUR GEAR AND SOAR AWAY!

Fiddle Cay

How do I get there?

We have major airlines and commuter airlines offering daily service to the Treasure Cay Airport [ TCB ], the airport serving Cocobay Cottages.

From the airport a short taxi ride will take you to the Green Turtle Ferry Dock. Advise the Captain you are guests of Cocobay Cottages. From there the Ferry will deliver you directly to our dock on Cocobay.

How do I get around?

You can reserve a Golf cart/ Boat rental in advance of your arrival especially during peak season.

Fiddle Cay

Do I have access to phones and Internet?

We offer FREE wi-fi Internet connection, bring your smartphone or laptop and stay in touch.

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